Church Event Calendar

Church Events and Meetings


  • March 29th—Good Friday Liturgy at 5:30 pm
  • March 30th—Easter Vigil at 7:00 pm
  • March 31st—Easter Sunday Eucharist at 10 am


  • April 11th— Building and Grounds meeting at 9 am
  • April 13th—Eucharistic Minister and Visitor Training at 9 am
  • April 17th—Vestry Meeting at 7:30 pm
  • April 20th—Victorian Tea from 2–4 pm
  • April 25th—Building and Grounds meeting at 9 am
  • April 28th—Talk from Teresa of Olive Crest (a faith-based child placement organization) after service.

 Church Calendar of Services

Eucharistic Minister and Eucharistic Visitor Training                  April 13th 9 am

Victorian Tea                                                                                          April 20th 2-4 pm

Rogation Sunday                                                                                    May 5th

Return to 9 am service                                                                         June 2nd

Honor Graduates                                                                                  June 2nd

School Supply Drive Kick-off                                                             July 7th

Scholarship Car Wash                                                                         August 11th

Summer Fest                                                                                        TBD

School Supply Ingathering                                                               August 25th

Old Home Sunday/Parish Picnic                                                   September 8th

Stewardship Kick-off                                                                        September 29th

Blessings of the Animals                                                                 October 6th

Holiday Bazaar                                                                                  November 2nd

Stewardship Pledge Ingathering                                                    November 3rd

Undie Sunday                                                                                    November 17th

Greening of the Church                                                                   December 22nd

Twelfth Night Dinner                                                                      January 6th, 2025